Introducing myself & a new love of mine …

A picture from Steve and my engagement photos taken by my best friend Lydia Nimmo Photography.


The time has come to get to know me/us/our life! Whenever I stumble across a new blog or brand, I am always on the hunt to stalk a little bit of detail of the person behind it! Lets lay it all out on the table from the get go.

A little over five years ago I met Steve! At the time I was working in the heart of London in a fashionable PR firm on the reception desk. I loved it until I moved into the main business room and stepped up to work as a junior. This was horrendous(!) and very quickly I knew that I didn’t want to be there. My passion for photography and creativity was screaming at me from the inside. I couldn’t hack turning into one of those PR gals thinking they were running the entire universe; if a dress god forbid didn’t reach Cara Delevigne by 4pm, it was career suicide! I didn’t appreciate being thrown into a cab at 3pm to meet with with editors of magazines (they were not expecting me – of course they have all the time in the world to meet with little ole me and hear about the latest cushion from Andrew Martin! Sure!)

Weekends were precious and when my cousin invited me to the Rugby 7s, not in this world did I think I would meet my soon to be husband! My weekends normally consisted of me shopping, dating and catching up on Made In Chelsea, Rugby wasn’t totally my thing.

After catching sight (staring at consistently) of the guy in front of me with a newly cut hair line, showing his fresh European tan and his elephant onsie (I saw the trunk before the hairline) we chatted, exchanged numbers and next thing we found ourselves in the throws of our first date in a down to earth countryside pub. It was perfect and people had always said that once you know, you know, well I knew! I knew he was the man I was going to marry. However, Steve is a Kiwi! I had spent 5 years prior to working in London, living in Australia and for once in my life, I felt like England was going to be my forever home. Never to move again!

Needless to say, after 10 months of dating, I moved to New Zealand to persue life with Steve on his dairy farm. After 4 years of dating, we got engaged and 1 year on from dropping the knee, we are here…knee deep in mud, sharing my life with 500 other women with bigger tits that mine! Learning that my ‘townie’ lifestyle is so far away, but this never stopped me from loving all things fashion, homewares and style! I had to find a way to add it to my life in the country here.

Shortly after moving to NZ, I set up Print By George. This kept me busy, focused and able to work from the farm house. This farm house by the way is not the idyllic english countryside cottage that I know you are all imagining, but a 20 to 30 year old, fake wooden weatherboarded workers house. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining…It was perfect for Steve and my starter home and actually, we didn’t want to move from there when it came to it! We both fell a little in love with it. It made me realise that life can be really great as long as you have each other and a roof over our head. We were lucky really – had I been back in London, there was no garden in any house equation and the thought of being in somewhere where the distance between your bed and cooker was greater than a metre was a mere dream. What wasn’t so perfect was the day I showed up from my cosmopolitan, cushioned life in England, I walked into the three bed cabin and saw only the following; 1 purple couch, 1 queen bed, a collection of mismatched flea market bedsheets and a couple of coffee mugs….Lets just say we really had to build our life together from scratch. It was exciting. (NOTE: I have tried to find a photo of the house on my phone, but weirdly I can’t seem to find any!)

Fast forward a few years and we are moving on up in the world! We moved into the managers red brick house which was a touch warmer, more contemporary and had the space to start a family in years to come. The dust could be kept at bay and I could whip out my white linen sheets without the fear of a damp attack!
Moving into this house was probably the biggest mistake Steve made…As shortly after we moved in, I started an affair. I had another love! She is beautiful, big and classy; a bit of sass and character, but just perfect in my eyes…

Interior of Cowshed 488 (July 2018)

Introducing Cowshed 488. She is the house at the front of the farm, now named Cowshed 488 after the number of Steve’s family farm dairy shed and is gorgeous. Originally belonging to the farm, was sold off in the 80s now to be bought back in to the next generation. In November 2017, Steve and I exchanged keys and had purchased our first home together.  After been busy with Print By George and Gigi Goods & Co, I wanted another challenge *of course!* It is a project I feel I have had in me for the last 15 years. I have always had a passion for interior design and style which is why Gigi Goods & Co started, but when you get engaged, your mind starts to wander and think about the day when you have children and a family of your own…Being based so far away from most cities in NZ and with not much option of where to go back to work when you have babies, it was time to think about setting up a home business with a little income for Steve and I in the future.

By New Years 2018, mum and dad had come to visit from England and they helped us get our arses into gear and start painting the fluro bedrooms and ripping into the garden! My mind was in overdrive at this point as to what I want to do and all the inspiration I had ever seen on Pinterest and Instagram, it was becoming a little over budget a little too soon…But I will leave the Cowshed info for another blog post.

That brings us up to current day. I have purchased my wedding dress, shut down Gigi Goods & Co for winter and am getting ready to jet back to England, Italy and Corfu for some family weddings, quiet time and to plan our own wedding. Have I mentioned we are getting married in Greece next year?! EEEEK! Calving season is knocking on the farmhouse door, life is busy and I want to cool it off a bit over the next couple of years and be able to focus on one thing at a time.

Some of our guys we have out the back of our house now!







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