A Welcome Note or A New Era?

Living in the era of, quote Emma Gannon ‘multi-hyphen’ careers, I have often found myself adding to my to-do list frequently and the projects keeping coming. Steve my fiancé is terrified of walking through the front door at the end of his long single hyphen day on the farm to hear me say, ‘I want to…’ or ‘I think I am going to…’. It is honestly through no fault of my own that sometimes I feel slightly overwhelmed with just how much I have to get done on a day to day, week to week basis….so naturally, I just decided to throw starting a blog into the mix! I am sure I am not alone when I say that I scroll Instagram and Pinterest to take my mind off work yet it normally inspires my next project or I see something that can enhance what I am already doing, so technically, Pinterest and Instagram become work!!!

With a world of one billion places to sight all kinds of creativity and inspiration, I wanted a place to journal not only my own work, but other peoples. This is the place for someone who is not a fashion styling guru, not a bikini model; not an artist or an illustrator, to document all the things I love and want to keep a note of for future reference. I want to curate my own online lifestyle.

That’s how a blog works right? 



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